Disclaimer: All videos posted on this website were recorded live. 
No lip syncing or pantomiming was involved in the production process. 

             Making your next special event, wedding, or party an overwhelming success is the main goal for KP and The Classics. This 6-piece, high energy and versatile party band performs hits from the 60’s along with dance floor favorites from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. This wide range of musical styles and genres enables them to perform for varied audiences and guarantees a fun and exciting entertainment experience for everyone in attendance. With a great song list, top quality sound and lighting, talented and experienced musicians - KP and The Classics are ready to provide high quality live entertainment for parties, festivals, weddings, concerts and all other events requiring a top notch band.
     We have several options available for event planners. The 6-piece core band is expandable to a 9 or 10 piece ensemble based on the needs of the client. A full horn section to augment the band, an organist for wedding ceremonies, a string quartet or solo pianist for lobby entertainment before the main event, acoustic duo/trio for cocktail/dinner sets - whatever it takes to make your event special and successful, we have the right resources. 

For booking inquiries, please use our contact form or call 770-771-1000